Some Kangaroos and Koalas We Saw in Australia


Feeding the roos

We enjoyed feeding the kangaroos at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

More food

We did learn that we should feed the animals in the morning. By the afternoon, they are pretty full!

Standing the the kangaroo area

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary had a nice area with kangaroos. You can buy food for them for only a little bit.

Lazy day

The kangaroos seem to enjoy sunning themselves.

Not so lazy afternoon

Sometimes the kangaroos will get up for you, but not always.

Old kangaroo

This was an extremely old kangaroo that could barely move around. I don't think it is an albino, just old.

Check out the pouch!

You can see the pouch pretty well on this roo. There is a joey inside.

Wild Kangaroos

Driving through Queensland, we saw a few kangaroos on the side of the road. You have to be careful though, they have the road sense of brick (much like deer in America).

Here's looking at you!

A koala that is actually awake. They sleep around 20 hours a day or more.


This little fellow is just waking up. This "tree" was in the lunch area so that you are always around koalas.

Cindy and Diesel

Cindy enjoyed holding Diesel, but she was a little nervous.

Michael, Cindy and Diesel

At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, you can hold a koala and have your picture taken.

The lunch area

We enjoyed watching koalas sleep while we ate lunch.

A baby koala

This little guy walked across this branch and then walked back the way he came (tail end first).

Across the branch

Aren't baby koalas cute?

Baby koala

The two varieties of koalas

Here are the two types of koalas. The southern koala is browner (on top in the picture). Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary has one southern koala "on loan".


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