Other Animals We Saw in Australia


Dingo nap time

We thought that the dingo markings looked a lot like Oskee. Maybe Oskee is part Dingo?

Cindy with wild animals!

We were able to participate in the "Dingo Experience" at the Australia Zoo. We spent time with wild dingos.

Is he licking Michael or preparing to eat him?

This was a great experience. Michael must have had some food from lunch still on his cheek.

The Dingo Experience

The Australia Zoo is owned by Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) and his family.

Feeding time!

Every afternoon the rainbow lorikeets come in for a feeding. And, no, we do not know who the little girl is in the picture.

Rainbow Lorikeets

These are some beautiful birds. We saw them in a few places.

Another bird

We don't know what kind of bird this is, but we really liked the eyes on it.


These birds have a very famous laughing call.

Baby emus

We saw both baby emus and full grown emus at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary


We enjoyed seeing this bird. They are almost non existent in the wild now.


These are some big animals! We saw them sleeping more than anything else.

Is it a chameleon?

This wombat blends in with the rocks around him.

Tasmanian Devil

These little guys are very fierce. They look cute, but they have some serious teeth on them.

Another Tasmanian Devil

These animals are now extinct on mainland Australia. They are only found on the island of Tasmania.


This is the crocodile show at the Australia Zoo.

Whale watching

Hervey Bay has some great whale watching. We saw several whales on our tour.

Sticking his head out of the water

Two whales spent about 10-15 minutes swimming right around our boat.

See how close they are

We felt like we could just reach right out and touch them.

Back stroke

Our guide pointed out that he could tell this was a male whale. You can distinguish male and female when the whale is laying on its back. He also knew because this guy was showing off.

Just hanging out

These whales spend a day or two in Hervey Bay on their way back to the colder waters down south.

Play time

Scientists are not exactly sure why the whales stop here, but they think it might be for some R&R.

Show off

We also got to see tail flaps and a lot of other cool moves from the whales.

Black swan

While in Hervey Bay, we stayed at the Alexander Lakeside Bed and Breakfast. This black swan was swimming around on the lake.

Feeding time

Each morning, the turtles come in droves for feeding time. It was fun to watch them try and get the food.

More feeding

The turtles had to battle against an eel and some ducks.


Sometimes referred to as the "duckbill platypus". This is a very shy animal and can rarely be seen in the wild. We went to Eungella National Park where they have a viewing platform.


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