Great Barrier Reef and Northeast Australia


Eungella National Forest

This is one of the places where you might be able to see a platypus. They only come to the surface for a few seconds at a time and only when it is quiet.


We saw several swimming around. We had a difficult time getting a good picture of them.

Blue, blue, blue

This water is beautiful. We took this around the Airlie Beach area.

Cold beach

Whitehaven beach was very beautiful, but also cold. It is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Touring in the cold

We took a day trip from Airlie Beach to Whitehaven Beach and around in that area. There was a high wind warning that day.

More blue

We were just amazed at how blue the water was and how blue the skies were.

Whitehaven Beach

There is a nice viewing area on a small mountain near the beach.

Sunset at Airlie Beach

This is looking out from the balcony at Island View Bed and Breakfast. We ate breakfast on this balcony.

Breakfast on the balcony

This balcony had a great view (check out the sunset picture).

Random beach

We found this beach area while driving. There were some good rocks for climbing.


We thought that this was a great place for a picture, but we were alone. Thank goodness for timers on cameras.

Coral Reef

We took this using an underwater camera. This is at the pontoon run by Reef Magic.


The pictures don't really do justice to the colors we saw. The Great Barrier Reef has awesome colors.

More coral

Snorkeling the reef was great. We saw a lot of interesting things.


The fish in this picture is named Wally and he is real. This picture was taken by a photographer that was scuba diving. The fish was maybe 4 feet long.

Snorkeling fun

We had a great time snorkeling here. This was near Cairns.

Beautiful sunset

We saw some beautiful sunsets while in Australia. We saw this one while driving.

Another sunset

We saw this sunset from a bluff in Undara National Park.


The same sunset in Undara. Undara is an "outback experience". It has some great lava tubes.

Making toast

While at Undara, we had a bush breakfast. We made toast over the open flame.

Bacon and Eggs

We had some great food at this bush breakfast.

Enjoying breakfast outdoors

The logs made great benches.

what is it?

We stayed in a converted railroad car at Undara. This was our sink.

Tiny Room

The railroad car was split into four rooms. Our room was just barely big enough for our bed. We left most of our stuff in the car.

Sink in action

To use the sink, you let the bowl down and then turn on the water. When you are down, you fold it back up and the water is poured out.

Pretty handy

It was pretty cool to have a sink like this for one night. I don't think I would want this all the time.

Inside one of the lava tubes

Some of the tubes had great coloring. A few of them are really big, while others are not big enough to walk through.


In the Atherton Tablelands, there are several waterfalls. We had a great time trying to find them.

More waterfalls

I read that this waterfall is one of the most photographed in all of Australia.


This area was beautiful. We visited it on our way back to Cairns from Undara.


We found all of the waterfalls that we set out to find.

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