Some Signs We Saw in Australia


Beware the koalas!

Of course, we never see any animals anywhere near any of these signs

Another variety of koala sign

I think these signs are there for the tourists

A third variety of koala sign

Beware the kangaroos!

We only saw wild kangaroos nowhere near these signs

Tree Kangaroos!

This was one of our favorite signs

Beware of the cassowary

There are only around 1200 cassowaries in the wild now so they are difficult to find anywhere

Our favorite sign!

This has a kangaroo and a cassowary (we saw this when we were visiting waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands)

What is a refuge island?

There is no garbage there, but it is a median where pedestrians can take refuge from the traffic


We saw this sign in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. Cars stop for you long before you get to the crosswalk.

Just south of the Tropic of Capricorn

The tropic of Capricorn

We drove across the tropic. It was not really all that exciting, but it made for some good pictures

Just north of the Tropic of Capricorn


Reef and Northeast Australia

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