Our trip to Parke County, Indiana

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Checking out the scene

Here are Oskee and Michael looking out the window of a covered bridge.

Mill in Parke County

This is the Mansfield Mill

Cindy and Oskee's Pilgrammage

Cindy and Oskee at the Mecca Bridge.

Michael and Oskee running

Here are Michael and Oskee running around by the mill

Big Rocky Fork Bridge

Michael and Oskee visiting yet another bridge

Conley's Ford Bridge

Cindy and Oskee at Conley's Ford Bridge

Check that out!

Oskee and Michael check out the water near a mill

Let me GO!

Oskee is NOT a big fan of being held in Michael's lap in public. Somebody might see her and think that she is not dominate!

Much better

It is much better for Oskee to rest in front of Michael

Harry Evans Bridge

Cindy and Oskee in front of the Harry Evans Bridge

Zacke Cox Bridge

Michael and Oskee

That wonderful Oskee!

This is Oskee playing around!

Stately pose

This is Michael and Oskee in a stately pose. Don't they look dignified?

Our good looking dog

This is Oskee. She is a wonderful dog.

Beautiful view

This is taken in the Turkey Run State Park in Parke County, Indiana. This was a beautiful park!