Audrey Michele Baker

(note that each picture is about 1.3 meg)


Hanging in Bangkok

Audrey and her dad enjoyed relaxing in Bangkok

More hanging

Audrey also enjoyed hanging with her mom in Bangkok

Will she or won't she?

Audrey doesn't always like to burp after she eats

Comfortable flying

Audrey enjoyed sleeping in the bassinet on our flight from Bangkok

Audrey's first flight

Audrey's family on her first flight. Audrey did great!

Snoozing away

Audrey sleeping in her new bed!

Hanging at home

Audrey and her mom just hanging out in our new apartment

Audrey and KoKo

This is Audrey with her third grandmother - KoKo.

Nap when she naps

Daddy heard that he was supposed to nap when Audrey naps....

Mommy time!

Audrey really enjoys spending time with her Mommy

Nap time!

Mommy sometimes naps with Audrey as well

Play time

Audrey playing with a new toy!

Football hold

Sometimes this is the only position that will comfort Audrey

Audrey's Family

Here we are when Audrey was just over 1 month old (taken July 4th)

Audrey's First Train Ride

Audrey slept most of this train ride.

Tummy time!!

Audrey enjoys her tummy time!

Audrey and her loving Mommy

Audrey is resting on her boppy on Mommy's lap

Very relaxing

Audrey asleep in her Pack-N-Play

Audrey and Mommy

Audrey is almost six weeks old in this picture

The nursery

This is Audrey's room. The rocking chair is great!

The nursery

The other side of the room

Audrey's swing

Some friends gave us a swing for Audrey. She hasn't used it yet, but we are all looking forward to when she can

Stuffed animals

Audrey has many stuffed animals and dolls already (these are not all of them)



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