Audrey Michele Baker

(note that each picture is about 1.3 - 2.0 meg)


Asleep in Mommy's arms

This is outside of our second apartment building

I want a hamburger!!

Audrey eyeing a burger while her grandmothers were visiting

Out with Daddy

This is outside our third (current) apartment

Aren't I cute in hats?

Audrey out on the town with her grandmothers

The world's most fascinating item

Audrey was fascinated by her fist. The blanket she is laying on was made by a family friend

Bring them up right

You have to start young! Audrey is a little Illini!

Sitting with Grandma

Audrey enjoyed spending time hanging out with her Grandma!

Mam-maw, give me some tea!

Audrey also enjoyed hanging out with her Mam-maw!

Audrey and Mommy

Isn't Audrey cute? She loves spending time with Mommy


The picture says it all....

With Daddy again

This is also outside our apartment

Learning already

Looks like Daddy is teaching Audrey how to use the computer.

WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?

This was Audrey's first attempt at solid foods. She decided to wait until later

Our happy family

This picture was taken on October 22.

Audrey loves sitting up

This picture was taken October 25.



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