Audrey Michele Baker

(note that each picture is about 1.3 meg)


Preparing for the C-Section

Michael waiting in the hallway in his scrubs!

Our first family picture

This was right after Audrey's birth

Proud Papa

Michael holding Audrey while the doctors work on finishing up with Cindy

Loving Mama

Cindy looking lovingly at her beautiful daughter

Mother and Daughter

Audrey is about 8 hours old in this picture

Happy Family

This is on June 2. Note that Cindy was up and about a little bit at this time.

Home Sweet Home (sort of)

This is the outfit that Audrey wore "home" from the hospital. This is in our apartment in Bangkok.

First Outing

Here we are ready to go get a passport picture for Audrey. The picture turned out pretty good.

Riding in comfort and style

Audrey loves riding in the sling and usually goes to sleep pretty quickly.

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