Cindy's Pregnancy

aka How BB made Cindy a lot bigger


Cindy at 18 weeks

This was taken on December 26. Cindy only had a slight pooch.

Cindy at five months

This was taken on January 30th.

Cindy at 24 weeks

This was taken on February 7th.

Cindy at 27 weeks

This was taken February 28th

Cindy at 29 weeks with Michael

This was taken March 12th

Cindy at 31 1/2 weeks

This was taken March 31st.


Cindy found ways to keep her feet up even in the airport (34 weeks and 2 days)

Cindy at 37 weeks

This is in the garden on the sixth floor of the hospital in Bangkok.

Cindy and Ronald

This is at the McDonalds at the hospital in Bangkok. Ronald is greeting Cindy with a "wai". This is the traditional greeting in Thailand.


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